Using communication consent on SW2

Communication Consent – using SW2 to manage candidates’ consent preferences

Once GDPR is enabled on SW2, all new candidates registered on the system will be ‘Paused’ until their consent is given and/or recorded. Communication Consent is a new part of a candidates coversheet and will help you manage your candidates’ consent preferences.


You can access Communication Consent in two ways:

A. Click on the options button and select “Communication Consent”
B. Double click on the consent stage symbol (a pause button; candidate’s already on SW2 will not have this icon next to their names)



Recording verbal consent and ‘unpausing’ a candidate


Ensure to enter the time and date when the verbal consent was given so we can refer back to it if we need to.


Sending out the online candidate portal to candidates already registered on the SW2 

(SW2 will only automatically send out the online candidate portal to new candidates)



Recording the client’s candidates have given permission for their CV to be sent to

When a candidate selects the option to agree on each client their CV is sent to, you will need to record each agreed client in ‘Communication Consent’ before SW2 will let you send on their CV.



As many clients as you want/need can be added here, and it can be updated as many times as it needs to be.