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Team adventure in the Brecon Beacons

With all the restrictions of the last 18 months, it has been difficult to get the team together for teamwork and employee engagement activities. But now that many of the restrictions have been lifted, yesterday a group went off for an adventure in the Brecon Beacons!

We were taking on the challenge of the Horseshoe Ridge Circular walk, which included scaling the ‘Pen y Fan’ – the highest peak in South Wales (as well as four other peaks including ‘Fan y Big’ – which we can all attest lives up to its name!).

Our day started at a very early 5:30 am, with the plan to get into Wales and start the walk by 9:30 am. Despite a few wrong turns and random diversions plus a potential puncture, we arrived at the start of the hike in good time and were raring to go!

The first km was flat and we were all enjoying a stroll in the countryside, taking in the scenery. We were then greeted by the first incline. A steep stepped path that would get us up onto the ridge. It was brutal. But once we all made it to the top, we were treated to the true beauty of the Brecon Beacons. Miles and miles of hills, winding valleys and a lot of sheep!

The next 5 hours 55 minutes and 12.33 miles (to be exact) was a mixture of flat walking, gentle inclines, steep inclines and very steep descents. But we stuck together and got each other through the physical challenge. (Helped along the way by a few wine gums and a couple of Mentos.) Plus the scenery just kept rewarding us; it just got better and better. The final treat was an ice-cold waterfall at the end – a much-needed refresh after a sweaty walk.

Before we started the walk, we were greeted by a local guide. We confidently told her the route we were doing. She took one look at us and showed us on the map the ‘escape route’! She also said that despite the website saying we should allow 5-6 hours for the walk, it would take 8-10 hours. We didn’t need to use the escape route and comfortably finished in under 6 hours, including our breaks and refresh in the waterfall. We were glad not to have listened to her and were more confident in our abilities. We would have missed out on so much if we had!

See a selection of the photos from the hike below. They don’t do it justice.