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#PlasticFreeJuly completed! 

July is increasingly known as #PlasticFreeJuly – a global movement that encourages millions of people to reduce their single-use plastic waste at home, work and school. Learn all about it here: #PlasticFreeJuly. After a year off in 2020 due to furlough, Cityscape Recruitment stepped up to the challenge once again and committed to going plastic-free for a 3rd time. 

So what did that mean for Cityscape? For July, we challenged our team to avoid all single-use plastic in the office. No plastic drinks bottles, no plastic shopping bags, no takeaway coffees, no microwave meals, no sandwich wrappers, no polystyrene takeaway food containers – the list is seemingly endless! We wanted them to review their buying habits and try to make informed choices to help cut out single-use plastic for the month and, like the 85% of the 2020 #PlasticFreeJuly participants (source: Plastic Free Foundation Annual Report 2020), continue these choices into the future. 

Out of the whole challenge, the team found buying plastic-free lunch options the most tricky. A lot of the eateries in our town, mainly the big brand options, only offer takeaway options that include single-use plastic – be that polystyrene containers or plastic elements to pre-packaged food. This prompted one stark change in the team’s behaviour – they increasing opted to support two small local businesses that have adopted plastic-free options. 

During July, City to Sea campaigned for the UK government to urgently ban some of the most polluting single-use plastics – the ones commonly seen in takeaway lunch options! (The ones the Cityscape team found very difficult to avoid.) The stats included show the country and our ‘plastic crisis’ is somewhat in a state of flux – people want more done to reduce single-use plastic but there are still many barriers that prevent them from doing so. 




City to Sea, who have partnered with Greenpeace UK, needs 100,000 signatures to present their case to Rebecca Pow – the Environment Minister. To find out more about the campaign and to sign the petition, see the following links: Access the campaign here. And sign the petition here (less 7,000 signatures needed!)

Although most of the team chose their lunch options wisely, some unavoidable single-use plastic items made their way into the office. As we did in previous years, we used #PlasticFreeJuly to raise money for a charity that focuses on eliminating plastic pollution. For each of these unavoidable single-use plastic items, a £1 donation had to be made to our collection pot. Despite some contraband items making their way into the office, the pot is remarkably light this year – more often than not, single-use plastic was avoided. 

As with the other times, we have done this challenge, we all learnt more about the prevalence of single-use plastic in our everyday lives. And been surprised by the multitude of items that include plastic that we never realised before – teabags being one of them for a few members of the team! To help increase peoples knowledge (and to highlight shocking facts on how much of a crisis the plastic crisis actually is), The Marine Conservation Society put together a Plastic Quiz – have a go and see how much you know versus how much you think you know. It definitely inspired us to keep up with the challenge through the month and to continue going forwards. 

We have been avid supporters of reducing plastic waste for several years and that’s not going to end anytime soon. Here’s to July 2022 and how much plastic we can avoid between now then. 



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