Mental ill health in the Construction Industry is a collective responsibility

Mental ill health in the Construction Industry is a collective responsibility

The state of our nation’s mental health, or lack of it, has dominated the news recently – from the Royals discussing how they have personally struggled, the affiliation between this year’s London marathon and the charity Heads Together and, now that this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, it has been hard to miss.

The Mental Health Foundation has released a report called ‘Surviving or Thriving? The state of the UK’s mental health’ and it has some worrying conclusions, namely: “Current levels of good mental health are disturbingly low… …We have a long way to go before we can say that we are a thriving nation”. (Source:

The Construction industry is by no means isolated from the above – according to Construction News’ recent Mind Matters survey, 55% of responders had experienced mental ill health at one point, with 42% experiencing issues it at their current place of work. This is more than double the national average. (Source:

Luckily this hasn’t gone unnoticed and a number of initiatives have been set up to help raise more awareness and improve and promote positive mental health across the sector. Two such initiatives are Mind Matters from Construction News and Mates in mind – an exciting partnership between the Health in Construction Leadership Group and British Safety Council, alongside some key mental health charities – MHFA, Mind and the Samaritans.

With our role in the construction industry primarily dealing with people – connecting, empowering and supporting them in changing jobs – we are very conscious of the statistics and will ensure it is a key consideration of all our employees. The industry has a collective responsibility to not lose sight of the issues workers may be facing and that the support they need is available to them.

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