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March Employee of the Month – Daniel Cranston

Congratulations to Daniel Cranston – our Employee of the Month for March – the second month in a row!

Last month (read the post here) we wrote that Danny was consistently the most active employee across the team. This is still undoubtedly true for March. He continues to work with vigour despite relatively tough, albeit improving, market conditions and as a result of his continued hard work, he is still reaping the rewards. Not only is he securing new opportunities for several good quality professionals within top calibre contractors in the Civil Engineering sector, but, so far, he is our top biller for April 2021.

Since he started with Cityscape Recruitment almost four years ago, his drive, ambition and focus to build his desk and to succeed in his role have soared. If this carries on, which we are sure it will, Danny will be unstoppable and will continue to make a great impression on the civil engineering sector,

Well done Danny, your stellar efforts are not going unnoticed. The question is whether there is any link between your success and that of a certain football team, if so we’ll have to learn to cope with the mixed emotions…