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July 2019 Plastic Challenge Update

Marine Conservation Society July 2019 #GoPlasticFree challenge is in the past (for now), however, Cityscape Recruitment are taking the challenge to the next level and will continue to uphold the ban on single-use plastic in the office for the foreseeable future. We have supported this worthy cause for two years in a row and as the single-use plastic list is seemingly endless, it truly was difficult, so this July challenge was welcomed with open arms and deemed perfect for a refresh in being more aware of single-use plastic which you could read about here.

Every employee here at Cityscape Recruitment were aware of our challenge and if they chose to bring in single-use plastic, they were to make a financial donation to the Marine Conservation pot, we have raised a total of £166.50 which includes our donation as a company to compensate for the unavoidable office necessities.

Being mindful there are items we cannot avoid, we can only hope that the manufacturers and suppliers can pull alongside us all who are firm believers in helping the environment, as one of our quotes up on the wall in the office say: “Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant” – Steven Anderson. Working collaboratively can achieve great results and with the technology of today, we have no doubt there will be successful solutions in no time.

For a start, we support Café Deli 122 on the Rickmansworth High Street who are fighting the same cause, they have recently started with serving their takeaways in cardboard boxes rather than plastic containers as well as a third-party food delivery company that also no longer deliver their food with plastic lids due to our #GoPlasticFree July challenge – this is a huge achievement and who knows, could be the foundation to all suppliers in Rickmansworth to #GoPlasticFree.

The more we can do to bring awareness on the implications single-use plastic has on not only the environment but to animals and us as humans, the more informed everyone will be, leading to innovative alternatives which ultimately means, we can all #SayNoToPlastic