International Woman’s Day

International Woman’s Day


A day to celebrate women, their achievements, equality and inclusion. Here at Cityscape Recruitment, we are firm believers of equality, inclusion and diversity. Typically, it can be believed that the construction and civil engineering industries are male dominated, however, we are consistently pushing for an equal balance of male and female employees as much as possible, externally, with our clients we work with as well as internally and currently, we are proud to say, there is a 50% equal split of genders in our management team.

As a result of maintaining a good balance at Cityscape Recruitment, it helps towards creating a good environment here with many differing views, opinions and ideas.

Michelle Milner-Eradhun, our Operations Manager has said: “It’s great to have a balanced team in the office – diversity in all areas.  A work place environment can often be a challenging place for a woman, so the more we talk about gender and understand why a balanced environment is imperative to positive team culture, innovation and business growth, the more everyone can get the most out of their careers and personal development.”

Laura Pyle, one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants has said: “Equal opportunities are always available here at Cityscape Recruitment, regardless of gender. Our abilities are complimented and achievements are celebrated with a core part of the team being made up of females – Two Senior Consultants, Marketing and Advertising Executive and an Operations Manager.”

The aim is Balance for Better. Working collaboratively, irrespective of gender, delivers better results all round. “Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant” – Steven Anderson