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Happy Work Anniversary to Alex, Jas and Glen

Congratulations to Alex, Jas and Glen who are all celebrating their work anniversaries this month


Since joining Cityscape Recruitment five years ago, Alex has continuously demonstrated high levels of drive, tenacity and positivity. He has a conscientious approach and aligns himself with our core values which has helped him progress from Recruitment Consultant to being an integral part of the management team. It is well known that Alex likes to work hard and play hard and is a fundamental part of the office environment with his humour and charismatic personality. Whether he can continue to maintain the lifestyle into his 30’s we will assess over the coming years. Alex has grown continuously over his 5 years, both personally and professionally, and still shows signs of more potential in the future. He is a big part of the fabric of Cityscape both in the business perspective and the social side of the business. Alex has also taken on Cityscape Recruitment Football team which he has led to us regularly winning the league and cup for the PMI 5-a-side, read more here. We have thoroughly enjoyed having Alex part of the team and look forward to many more years to come. Congratulations Alex on your five-year work anniversary.


In the four years Jas has been with Cityscape Recruitment, she has achieved two promotions and has probably shown more personal development over that period than any other member of the business. Jas specialises on the technical desk in the Residential sector and since starting in this new area her desk has flourished thanks to the dedication that she offers to the professionals and clients she works with. Jas works with a quality over quantity approach and with the devotion demonstrated over the last four years it is clear to see there is no stopping Jas from wanting to achieve more. She is hands on, not only in her role but other aspects of the business also, with her passion for social media and helping to spread both hers and the Cityscape brand. There is never a dull day when Jas is in the office, she has a natural talent for charming others without even knowing it and has a unique personality that keeps us thoroughly entertained. Congratulations Jas on your four-year work anniversary, we look forward to many more years with you.


Over the last couple of years, it’s been brilliant watching Glen develop the Operational desk within the Residential Development Team assisting all levels of the professionals he works with into new careers.  With his collaborative approach, Glen’s relationships have strengthened with both professionals and clients he works with, leading to long term relationships and repeat business while aligning himself to our core values. The first couple of years in recruitment are usually the toughest, however, Glen has shown dedication and persistence throughout the process and is now seeing the benefits of this as a result due to him recently achieving his personal best month. Glen is a great asset to Cityscape Recruitment and thoroughly enjoy having him part of the team. Congratulations Glen, we look forward to seeing your progress continue over the next few years.