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Happy 12th Anniversary Cityscape Recruitment!

This month Cityscape Recruitment Ltd celebrates our 12th anniversary. Here Andrew Jackson, one of our Founding Directors, and a definitive member of our five-year club reflects on the last 12 years and provides his perspective on the effect of 2020.

Reflecting on the last 12 years, we could not be happier with our team, our business and the path we are on. We have come a long way in those 12 years, but when we stop to consider our journey to date, we cannot help but reflect on the highs and lows of the past year, too.

12th Anniversary


For many businesses, the challenges we have all faced since COVID-19 entered our lives have been devastating. Our thoughts are with those who have suffered loss and who have been dramatically affected by the ramifications of the pandemic.

We said many times throughout the last year, we felt lucky, and continue to feel lucky, to be working within a market that has been allowed to keep open. Although, saying that, it has not stopped COVID-19 from having a wide-reaching impact on construction. From the multiple lockdowns meaning complete site-overhauls to enable COVID-safe working conditions for site workers and remote working for the office staff (which resulted in us needing to orchestrate the recruitment process over zoom calls and teams meetups…). To businesses we work with collapsing or shrinking, sometimes resulting in lost opportunities for our construction professionals and fewer actual roles coming in. And the many, many market uncertainties (we can’t forget BREXIT as well as COVID-19 here!) meaning projects didn’t go ahead as planned, if at all.

However, as we progressed from Q3 of 2020 through to Q1 of 2021, we saw the grassroots of our industry starting to grow and, with it, its recovery. Positive news about the industry is now everywhere – projects are now underway, graphs are all pointing in the right direction, and one construction news outlet went as far as saying as the sector was ‘Recruiting for Recovery’. The government are also putting a lot of confidence in the industry to help re-energise the country’s economy with their ‘Build Back Better’ campaign.

Throughout 2020, we pulled together as a team, harnessed our strengths and moved forward. So, in 2021, along with the recovery seen in the market, we found ourselves in a great position to not only come back on course but come back stronger and more aligned as a company than ever before.

We have a fantastic team that has shown, even in times of uncertainty, that they are the best of the best, and we’d like to thank each and every one for their patience, hard work and commitment throughout the past year. We’re also thankful to our clients and construction professionals for their ongoing support and partnership. We are proud to represent them, and we look forward to seeing what our journeys hold together.

So, in summary, our 12th anniversary gives us a chance to look back and remember just how much we have accomplished over that time, no matter what has been thrown at us. Our team is amazing. Our market is growing. And we move forward with excitement and confidence in what the future will bring.

Happy 12th Anniversary Cityscape Recruitment Ltd!