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Employee of the Month goes to….

… a well deserving recognition for one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants, Jasmine Orr.

Jas has come into the New Year with a renewed focus to her work. Nobody reaches the levels of passion Jas has for her sector of work and this extends beyond just office hours. Her dedication to her job has really helped her to flourish this year and this can be seen in the results that Jas is enjoying. At this rate 2019 could be Jas’s best year so far, having spent three and half years with Cityscape Recruitment, it’s great to see her work and commitment to the technical desk to this point coming to fruition.

However, beyond recruitment Jas’ true core talents lie in the ability to entertain those around her effortlessly, it almost seems without realising she’s even doing it.

Well done Jas, a great month and a great quarter!