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Congratulations to Jon O’Leary for 10 YEARS at Cityscape Recruitment

A lot has happened since Jon O’Leary first walked through the front door at Cityscape Recruitment 10 years ago, including the door itself!

Jon joined the company in May 2011, at which point the UK construction industry was in a very precarious position and Cityscape was a relatively new business just gaining traction in the market. Despite this, Jon took a risk on us, leaving his old career behind him and started on a commission-only deal for 6 months.

10 years later and Jon has become a cog in the wheel of the Cityscape operations. He has been involved in all the ups and downs we’ve experienced throughout our growth and is now a fundamental part of the fabric of the business. Jon has a thorough knowledge of our clients, our processes and procedures and has also proven to be a very successful manager of people.

Whilst busy at work, he has also been busy in his personal life. Over the last 10 years, he’s gone from owning a blue Volvo 240 (with a sofa for front seats) to a Mercedes. He’s met and got engaged to the lovely Molly. Bought his first and then second home. And, earlier this year, enjoyed the birth of his and Molly’s baby boy, Arlo! How things change over 10 years.

Of Jon, Nathan Hall, Cityscape’s MD, said “It has been an absolute pleasure to have had Jon on board for the last 10 years and to have worked alongside him. Hopefully, the next 10 years will provide the setting for many more positive experiences.”

Jon was not available to comment at the point of writing this. The Directors have taken him out for the day to celebrate his momentous milestone…