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Congratulations to Jasmine Orr for five years at Cityscape Recruitment

Happy 5th Anniversary to our very own (and very unique) Jasmine Orr! Jas joined us as a resourcer focusing on residential and very quickly displayed her interest in focusing on technical disciplines. From that point, she grew her own desk and very quickly gained traction. She has since carved a very solid niche in the industry and has built up a great reputation across a vast network of technical professionals.

Jas is always at the forefront of pushing both hers and the company’s online presence and is probably our most passionate employee when it comes to recruitment as a whole. Her approach is totally focused on a ‘quality over quantity’ basis and, consequently, the feedback from anybody that works with her is always exceptional.

Whilst working hard in recruitment, Jas also manages to find spare capacity to keep the office fully entertained with her bloopers, mannerisms and general unique ways. She is a total joy to work with and never wavers in her determination to succeed in recruitment. Well done Jas on reaching five years! Here’s to another five more.