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Congratulations to Ellis Abbott – our Employee of the Month for August

Congratulations to Ellis for being awarded his first Employee of the Month award! Ellis joined Cityscape Recruitment completely green, with no experience in sales, recruitment or construction and we threw him in the deep end. A daunting task for anyone. However, he has taken to it like a duck to water. Since starting, Ellis has worked his socks off every minute he has been in the office. We simply asked him to work hard, keep focused and absorb information. He has more than delivered on all of these key things.

In the last month, we have noticed this dedicated work rate start to pay off. Ellis’s knowledge of the construction industry – its nuances and our clients – and the recruitment process have improved dramatically. As well as his ability to find, select and retain some of the best professionals in the industry.

“In 4 short months, Ellis has broken the back of what it takes to start a career in recruitment and he is seeing placements and the associated commission starting to come through. If he keeps on this fast learning curve and doesn’t drop from his daily grind, he will soon be able to afford a (golf) driver that is better than mine, and may even beat me on the golf course one day! Keep up the good work Ellis, we are only just getting started!” Alex Wallace, Ellis’s Line Manager.

Great work Ellis. Very well deserved!