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Congratulations to Alex Wallace for seven years at Cityscape Recruitment

It gives us great pleasure to be congratulating Alex Wallace on his seventh anniversary at Cityscape Recruitment!

When Alex joined Cityscape in 2014, he started with a sales background and had no construction recruitment experience. Within his seven years here, he has not just mastered construction recruitment (so much so, he has become one of our highest fee earners) but he has also developed a solid team of permanent and temporary consultants and is an integral part of the management team, adding real value across the business.

Alex has always been a really progressive ingredient to the business. He keeps the atmosphere hard-working but enjoyable and positive at the same time. Even when the chips are down, he manages to remain upbeat and keeps those around him in a similar mindset. No Cityscape social event would be quite the same without the added entertainment that only Alex can bring to the table.

It has been a pleasure to have you as part of the team for the last seven years Alex; we look forward to spending many more with you!