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Congratulations Taylor Dubell – our September Employee of the Month

Taylor Dubell joined us six months ago to build our new Trades & Labour division from scratch. (Read his welcome to the team here.)

At 22 and with only four years of experience behind him, to an outsider, this may seem like too big of a task for a young up and coming recruiter. But it has not been for Taylor. He has the mind of a man much older. And the skills and motivation of someone who has been doing this job a lot longer.

Since joining, Taylor has helped the T&L division grow to 4 people (and counting) and has started making a real impact on our monthly figures. Not only has Taylor proved he is the right man for the job, but he is also a big hit with the rest of the team, making him close to the perfect hire. (Apparently, as he doesn’t play football, he doesn’t quite hit 10/10).

After such a strong start, it is very fitting that Taylor was awarded employee of the month for September. It was his best month since joining, an accumulation of his continued hard work and commitment.

Keep it up, Taylor! You have big things coming to you in the future!