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Congratulations Daniel Cranston!

We are very pleased to announce that Daniel Cranston has been promoted to Senior Consultant!

When Danny started with Cityscape Recruitment in 2017, he had zero recruitment experience and limited general work experience. But in the four years since, he has developed and matured exponentially. Danny is now a mature head on young shoulders and has progressed into a consistent and effective consultant with an amazing work ethic. He demonstrates a huge amount of tenacity and has the unique ability to self-analyse, which helps him to continuously evolve in his role.

Danny is always one of our top performers – for both input and output – so it is no surprise, at all, in the levels of commercial – and personal – success he is achieving.

To top off his career progression in 2021, Danny is soon to step into management. A new starter is joining Danny’s desk in November.

We take huge pleasure in watching our home-grown talent develop into positions of significance throughout the organisation – having relatively junior members of the team move up the ranks and progress in their careers brings a lot of satisfaction to the management team. It also results in a strong and stable team. And it sets a great example to the rest of the consultants – those that put in the work can and will see an impact in their results and career progression. For Danny, he has had the carrot of promotion dangled in front of him for a long time. However, his ambition has not faltered at any point. Nor his motivation lessened, which makes this, without a doubt, one of the most deserving promotions we have had to date, if not the most.

Congratulations, Danny on your well-deserved promotion!


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