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February Employee of the Month – Alex Wallace!

As each year passes, Alex is positioning himself more and more as a central figure within the team at Cityscape Recruitment.

Despite it still being relatively early in the year, it is clear Alex has come into 2020 with a sharp focus and with a determination to make this a progressive year. Not only has he been stepping up his enthusiasm in the day job of recruitment and developing his client relationships further, he is also implementing a lot of his time and ideas to assist in business improvement and helping to develop the team.

The fact that he has just achieved a personal best month this February, is simply a demonstration of the hard work that he has been putting in across the board. With the renewed vision and energy that we have seen from Alex so far this year, this will undoubtedly be a very interesting 12 months for him.

You never know, with this level of determination he may even manage to turn up on time for all 5 days of the week! Well done Alex, a recognition more than deserved.