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Senior Technical Manager

  • 85000
  • Residential Development
  • Dartford




About the Company:

All developments and homes carry a signature style and character, designed to work for the way people live today, with materials that reflect commitment to quality. In recognition the developer has received more than 340 awards for design and sustainability excellence since 2000 and we hold more Housing Design Awards than any other developer.  They are the only housebuilder to receive the RIBA Stirling Prize for a housing development.

Quick Facts:

  • We are committed to design and place making excellence and in recognition hold more Housing Design Awards than any other developer.
  • All our homes and developments carry a signature style and character, designed to work for the way people live today with materials and landscaping that reflect our commitment to quality. Our exacting standards and sustainable credentials combine to create places that will stand the test of time.
  • We create homes for first time buyers, as well as innovative mid-tier homes, aspirational family homes and executive homes (principally under the Millgate brand).  Whether they are located in new communities, urban, suburban or rural locations, we create places of character and quality.
  • We have also been specialising in the urban regeneration of public sector land, delivering private and affordable homes by partnering with local authorities and housing associations, for more than 30 years.
  • We have undertaken more than 45 regeneration schemes with local authorities and housing associations. These have brought new life and vitality to run-down urban areas.
  • In addition, we are highly skilled in creating integrated developments with a wide range of uses and tenures. They are predominantly ‘tenure blind’ developments where it is not possible to distinguish the tenure of individual buildings or homes.
  • We are members of the HCA’s Delivery Partner Panel 2 for the South East, Midlands and Northern Lots. We are also members of the GLA’s London Development Panel.

About the Role:

  • Managing the design process using his/her commercial, contractual, programme/time awareness and technical expertise.
  • Supporting, understanding and advising in the development of a building design.
  • Encouraging and inspiring design consultants to produce their best work using their full flair, experience, resources and talents in a cost effective way.
  • Ensuring the design process recognises current legislation, standards and codes of practice, where appropriate.
  • Ensuring design information is of the right quality and keeps pace with project timescales.
  • Striving to eliminate health and safety risks in the design and financial risks during construction.

Successful candidates will be good forward planners and excellent motivators and able to keep cool under pressure. In addition, they will have good people skills, the ability to present their ideas effectively and to be able to evaluate the ideas of others. They will have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of a construction project and be efficient document managers.  A strong technical background in construction with emphasis in regeneration of mixed tenure developments and a Degree in Construction Management or similar with in-depth post qualification experience is also required

Main Tasks

  • Brief, select and appoint external design consultants.
  • Manage the technical and design process of the project from Planning Consent to Practical Completion.
  • Provide technical guidance, construction planning and logistic information for land bids/tenders.
  • Produce development fees, utility costs for the construction cost. Liaise with Estimators, Surveyors, Buyers and Construction.
  • Co-ordinate technical, design and external Client issues with the Construction Team, Development and Sales & Marketing Team.
  • Act as the main Client contact during the Construction Phase.
  • Produce the Health & Safety Construction Plan with the Construction Manager and issue monthly CDM statements.
  • Address relevant issues with JCT Contracts, Employers Requirements, Contractors Proposals, Insurances, Performance Bonds, Adoption Agreements and Bonds, Warranties, etc.
  • In conjunction with Environmental Consultant issue agreed sustainability/Code Pre-Assessment and Energy Strategy.

About the Project

  • New Residential development comprising 280 RC frame units and a school

About the benefits / rewards: (Always NEG dependent on experience)

  • Up To £85,000 basic plus package

General Agency Requirements:

  • A perceptive individual who, through a natural diplomacy, can influence people in a changing environment.
  • A clear thinking person demonstrating attention to detail who is well organized and can operate independently under a broad direction.
  • A team builder who can develop and maintain good relationships and gain the confidence of other professionals both within the Company and outside.
  • A broad thinker who can take a global view and has an inherent ability to ‘get the job done’.
  • Residential experience either with a Main Contractor or Residential Developer
  • Degree Qualification or equivalent

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