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We dare to #GoPlasticFree in July in support of the MCS

July marks the Marine Conservation Society’s official Plastic Challenge month #GoPlasticFree. A month where they challenge the nation to stop using single-use plastic. Read all about it here: And guess what?! We’re getting involved this year!!


Yup, that’s right, Cityscape Recruitment is going to challenge themselves to have no single-use plastic in the office for the whole of July. So that means no plastic drinks bottles (unless they are the reusable kind), no plastic shopping bags, no coffee cooler cups, no takeaway coffees (they have plastic lids!), no microwave meals, no sandwich wrappers, no salad bowls! If the plastic is meant to be thrown away after we’ve used it, it’s deemed as single use. The list is scarily pretty much endless!


#GoPlasticFree will be a challenge.


However, it’s a challenge that’s worth doing. By taking part, it will highlight to us (and our friends and family) exactly how much plastic we actually use and could be avoiding. To help raise money for the Marine Conservation Society at the same time, if any of the Cityscape Recruitment team choose to bring single-use plastic into the office, they will need to donate to our Marine Conservation Society collection pot.


We have been avid supporters of the Marine Conservation Society for over a year now and have carried out various activities to raise money for and awareness of the vital work they do. Please click here for more information.