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Time to talk day

Today is time to talk day. The importance of being able to talk openly about how we are is without question. Mental health affects one in-four, yet we still feel afraid to express how life, work and everyday life can get on top of us which can all contribute to our mental health.

Being able to have someone to talk to can improve relationships and break down the perception of stereotypes. Everyone needs a support system for whichever battle they are facing, no matter how big or how small.

Being at work can make it extremely difficult. It can be said that in human nature, we feel we have to keep up appearances and that everything is OK; but the question is, how can we improve and develop ourselves if we deny how we are truly feeling and what is affecting us?

Here at Cityscape Recruitment, one of our core values is collaboration. It is imperative that we work collaboratively, not just with work ethics but with each other, to be a support system professionally and emotionally. On a daily basis, we tend to spend more time with work colleagues than we do our own family.  Therefore, it is paramount to feel comfortable enough to be able to open and honest with each other.

To support and encourage this, we are implementing an open office policy where the team here at the office will take “time out” for a catch-up coffee – it all has to start somewhere.

An example of having an open office policy has proved, it really does help. Here is what one of our Senior Recruitment Consultants, Jas has to say as she has someone close who has to deal with mental health on a daily basis

“I am grateful for having family as a support network but I am equally grateful to Nathan and Andrew who have stuck by me through this situation. I honestly don’t know any two Directors who could be more supportive.  It has been mentioned on numerous occasions “so long as we are aware what’s going on, we can support you, take some of the work pressures off as we fully understand everything that is going on”. 

Dealing with someone so close to you, let alone if you are dealing with them yourself, my advice would be to speak out, don’t hold everything in. The more your managers know, the more they can help and the less stressed you will be.  You can never have a support network that is too big.

My colleagues also have been a fantastic help. We are a very close bunch here at Cityscape Recruitment, which I like to refer to as my work family and it’s times like this you realise just how grateful you are to work for such a supportive and collaborative company.”