Cityscape Recruitment’s 8 Year Anniversary

Cityscape Recruitment’s 8 Year Anniversary

Three Neologisms that have had an enormous impact on our everyday lives over the last 8 years include ‘Brexit’, ‘lost decade’ and ‘credit crunch’, the latter of which still has people grimacing when mentioned, such was the impact of it. As we arrive at Cityscape Recruitment’s 8 Year Anniversary it’s a pertinent time to step back and consider what impact the backdrop to these neologisms has had since formation.


There have been major changes across the economic climate over the last 8 years. Even today it still feels like we have a long way to go until we have shaken off the effects of the credit crunch. If we track back, 2009 was a desperate time. Working in recruitment through this period was like pushing an elephant up the stairs on a daily basis. The day it was announced that Google were building a new £500m+ headquarters in Kings Cross circa 2012 was delightful. It felt like industry could eventually be turning. These days, projects of that scale are being reported regularly.


The latest Government manoeuvres force us all to maintain a sensible head. It ensures we don’t just fix the roof while the sun is out but we keep it well maintained for fear of any storm that could approach. A large majority of well-run organisations maintain a healthy reserve. No doubt influenced by the monumental amount of companies that were forced into administration during the credit crunch (more than 30% of my clients from 2008 no longer exist). Without the government so kindly putting hurdles up along the way the economy has a habit of getting carried away. The inner Gordon Gekko comes out in many people once the economy shows the slightest glimpse of sustained growth and this confidence helps towards the next bust. So thank you to the government for helping to extend this boom bust cycle via the mismanagement of themselves and the country.


So 8 years have passed since the doors opened at Cityscape Recruitment. At the time the excitement of just finding a client who were actually recruiting and willing to provide you with a vacancy was enough to keep you going. Never mind the thrill of receiving a cheque through the post – which may sometimes even cover the multiple bills that had stacked up since the last cheque arrived. (I don’t think we pushed the boat out to buy a stapler until about 12 months down the line!) It was a scary time. Even scarier having committed to a 3 year lease on over 800 sq ft of office space for just 2 people, 2 desks and one laptop. At the time the belief was that the downturn should only last about 6 months. If we could just get through that then we will be home and dry. If anybody had told me ahead of time that the recession would last 5 quarters (never mind the threat of possible double dip to follow) and that it would eventually be labelled as the ‘Great Recession’ I’m not sure Cityscape Recruitment would exist today.

Cityscape 8 Year Anniversary

How on Earth did we go from 2 people rattling around an office sharing a laptop to the established and thriving business that Cityscape Recruitment is today? When did that all happen? Well it’s certainly not without our fair share of trial and error plus the frog kissing exercise of finding the right staff. We have managed to maintain a pretty steady staff base but there have certainly been some mismatches that have come and gone. Most notably The Blagger, The Geezer, The Car Dealer and the complete and utter Lunatic. However having spent 8 years going through this learning curve and refining our approach each time, we have certainly reached a point of strength and balance. This gives us great confidence that we are as resilient as we can be to whatever new surprises the government has up its sleeve.


This of course would not be possible without the dedicated, passionate, well skilled and tenacious team of excellent recruiters and administrators that we have within the business. Having worked with multiple individuals throughout my career I must say that it gives me great pleasure and fills me with pride to spend each day working with this team that we are fortunate to have. Long may that continue. We had a belief 8 years ago of what we wanted to achieve and I can happily say that after 8 years we have found that balance and a team of people that work in conjunction with our focus on quality and ethical recruitment. Coincidentally the figure 8 symbolises ‘balance’ and ‘harmony’ which are both certainly most prominent at this stage in the company’s lifespan.


So in conclusion, when another headline hits the news with the latest tax change to impede you or the next referendum that is put upon you, just take 5 minutes aside and breathe. Look back at where you were 8 years ago and thank your lucky stars for what you have today. It’s easy to forget how difficult those cumbersome big eared grey lumps were to push up those damn stairs.


Happy Birthday Cityscape Recruitment. Thank you to everybody who has been part of our last 8 years!