#canyoudigit #notjustforboys

#canyoudigit #notjustforboys


To coincide with the recent results season, the CITB launched a campaign to encourage female students, who are about to leave school, to consider a career in construction. Titled #canyoudigit? it is the latest initiative to promote the opportunities on offer for young women (and men) within the construction industry.

A large part of the campaign is centred on a personality quiz. This quiz takes your personal attributes and uses them to determine which of the 150+ roles available in construction is most suited for you.

We decided to challenge some of the girls in the office to take the quiz. Will their ideal construction roles align to what they currently do in their day jobs?


 The results


Jasmine Orr, our Residential Development team’s Technical and Design recruiter and Laura Pyle, your go to lady for Demolition, Remediation and Piling roles, both came out as being best suited for ‘Onsite Roles in Construction‘. Basically, the people on sites who get the actual building work done. Without them, there would be a lot of plans but no actual bricks and mortar. Although Jasmine and Laura aren’t building anything – they are both very good at what they do and therefore excel in getting actual recruiting done! So all in all, quite accurate.

Reshma Mehta, who recruits for Consultancy roles, got ‘Technical‘. Technical roles are described as ‘the people who support the work of the designers and consultants’. As Reshma supports consultants on a daily basis to progress and succeed in their careers, this result is, again, pretty spot on.

Natalie Speer, our Operations Manager, got ‘Technical’ or ‘Support Services‘. As she gallantly supports and looks after our consultants on a daily basis in all matter of things, this is a correct representation of what she currently does.

The quiz is a fun and interactive way to explore the many many different roles available within construction. And from our little experiment, it seems to correctly pick out the traits that would make you most suited to a certain job.

With the impending and much-discussed skills shortage, it’s great to see the CITB encouraging young woman (and men) to consider a job in construction.




Along with the can you dig it? campaign, the #notjustforboys campaign, run by the construction youth trust, aims to change the misconception that construction careers are just for men. By shifting this thinking they hope more young women will start to look at the hundreds of career options the construction industry has to offer them. Searching for the #notjustforboys hashtag on twitter, you see a plethora of women being celebrated in all areas of the industry and an ongoing conversation about their increasing role.

We’ve noted before that the skills shortage has come about because more people are leaving the industry than are joining it. (Read all about it here.) Increasing the attractiveness of (or even just the knowledge of) careers in the construction industry to the younger generation and, in particular, to young women, will help plug the gap. It will also take strides in making the industry more diverse and a better representation of society as a whole.