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Diversity and inclusion within the UK construction industry


There is a preconception that the UK construction industry is dominated by white males. Whilst this is largely true, more and more is being done by key industry players to encourage more diverse and inclusive cultures.

As our communities become increasingly diverse and inclusive, it is important that the UK construction industry follows suit. Not only is it considered the culturally right thing to do, but the UK workforce is also more diverse than ever. If the construction industry focused their recruitment on homogeneous groups, employers are significantly reducing their talent pool and missing out on a big proportion of the skilled workforce. This is particularly pertinent for the UK construction industry which is currently facing a skills shortage. A shortage which will likely worsen with the onset of Brexit.

Research has also shown that diversity is a key driver of innovation. This is common sense too: the more varied a group’s collective experiences and backgrounds are, the wider their knowledge base will inevitably become.

We at Cityscape Recruitment believe in the development of more diverse and inclusive working environments in the UK construction industry. We fully support our clients and their recruitment initiatives in this area and are committed to raising awareness of the cause within the industry.

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