Well-respected consultancy, helping to enhance careers

About our company

Cityscape Recruitment is a specialist construction and civil engineering consultancy, working with construction professionals considering their next career move and who want to make the most informed decision – now and for the entirety of their careers. We are well-respected in the industry, both with the professionals and the industry-leading clients we work with on a daily basis, and our vision is focused on keeping it that way.

Our business does not have a sales driven environment, instead, we reward quality placements over quantity. We use our specialist industry knowledge to help introduce and guide construction professionals into companies that best suit their desired career aspirations and personal goals. And our relationships don’t end on day one of a new role – we like to build long-term relationships with the professionals we work with, helping them to maintain fulfilled employment throughout the entirety of their careers.

Our ways of working

Quality placements over quantity

We reward quality placements over quantity. And we believe quality is never an accident. It’s the result of having a clear intention, through demonstrating a sincere effort and providing an informed direction. And it represents the placement that best suits the wants and needs of both the professional and client.


We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with the construction professionals and industry-leading clients we work with. We have a collaborative approach that helps us truly understand the wants of the professional and needs of the client.

This approach also extends to how our team operates. Although focusing on their own sector of the industry, each team member collaborates and supports each other’s desks, shares knowledge and their contacts are exposed to more opportunities as a result.


Making or considering a job move can be stressful and challenging – our team recognises that and as such, they act with integrity. They ensure all actions are honest and transparent, and that all introductions are at the mutual benefit of both the professional and client.


Each of our consultants is a well-informed specialist in their sector of the industry. Led by a construction degree-educated management team, they recognise how multi-faceted the market can be and the need to stay one step ahead of the news.

Our sectors of expertise


Our clients range from small, privately owned specialist contractors right up to top-tier PLCs responsible for shaping our country’s landscape. Whatever a construction professional’s career aspirations may be, we will have the opportunities and the industry knowledge to share with them.

We have specialist consultants working across the following sectors: the Built Environment, Civil Engineering, Property and Residential Developers, Specialist Contractors, Fit-out and Refurbishment, and Consultancy.


What does our approach mean for our clients?


Our collaborative approach with construction professionals extends to how we work with our industry-leading clients. We strive to make long-term relationships with each of our clients and help source them construction professionals that not only fulfil their staffing criteria and the calibre expected but contribute to the growth and ultimate success of their company.

Also by ensuring each of the professionals that we deal with has been fully informed and guided throughout the process of making their next career move, each is more likely to be committed to the opportunity they take. Therefore, resulting in a long-term successful appointment.

Finally, many of our team are originally from the construction industry – ranging from the very top of the business through to trainee level. As a result, we have a thorough understanding of the needs and nature of the sector when it comes to what makes a good team member. Our ingrained knowledge and passion for construction mean that we share, and can relate to, our client’s ambitions. We identify exceptional professionals and match them to the right opportunity within our clients’ businesses that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.